There was an error while thanking. This is the Newbie category of the forum blog for a reason. Please login or register. Bad news, I just received word back from an Aussie ebay seller that says the Revision 2 does not fit and series scopes. It comes with the

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This is ubs Newbie category of the forum blog for a reason. So, once again Fluke were kind enough to profiteer racket. Then I find a vague reference to a Fluke website where one member mentions Revision 1 and Revision 2, but never actually explicitly details oc4usb usb interface cable supplies any pictures as references.

The seller said he receives plenty of the same questions as I, and he even tested the cable Rev 2 on his own personal Fluke scope, but it does not fit. There was an oc4usb usb interface cable while thanking. I have the first pictured one. Please excuse my n00bness.

Fluke OC4USB USB Interface Cable for Scope Meters and Power Quality Meters

Sometimes I can find each one of the cables clearly detailing how they support and scopes. The catch is that it won’t physically attach, so you won’t have a continous connection.


Bad news, I just received word oc4usb usb interface cable from an Aussie ebay interfacw that says the Revision 2 does not fit and series scopes.

II will “kinda” work with a Fluke series I. It’s marked as Rev.

Fluke OC4USB Oscilloscope | eBay

However, if you just want to transfer a few captured displays it works OK. Check out the picture and questions oc4usb usb interface cable. To continue the confusion, on the Fluke website it clearly expresses the Rev 2 is indeed compatable with the and series scopes.

oc4usb usb interface cable It comes with the September 28, I can only assume the marketing words “infrared” and cabl are actually referring to the exact same technology behind each.

Please login or register. The way you hold the optical end is to have the “Fluke” logo facing the back side of the scope.

No adapters are needed. You need to hold the optical end at the right spot over the scope connection.


Fluke OC4USB USB Interface Cable | Fluke

It is the ‘same’ re: Hence the confusion if oc4usb usb interface cable sellers online have confused one type of connection with another, yet I find no evidence of this other than my lack of knowledge on everything Fluke and all their revisions and updates they release.

Did you miss your activation email? Here is the Aussie ebay seller listing: My questions are as follows: However, in no time did I find a clear view of the one in the first picture the one with the yellow writing showing the actual “two oc4usb usb interface cable lights” or whatever the hell they are or the same connections as the most commonly found last picture.