Now if can just get those Mac people to give me my money back My first google on the subject was “lacie big disk extreme sucks” realizing later mine was not ‘extreme’. Unfortunately after about an hour of all the lights flashing blue, I gave up. The drive has 32Mb of cache and a rotation speed of rpm. Now I can move on to worrying about how I should really back up my back up Did a little research and found this post. I tried unplugging and plugging the power and every time I tried, I’d get different results.

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LaCie Bigger Disk Extreme – hard drive – 1 TB – FireWire / FireWire Overview – CNET

I power cycled and I have cured the Lacie PSU problem. After my 1TB Lacie Big Disk no longer booted giving me only a flashing blue light and hissing sound coming from the PSU, I did a bit of web research and came across this site. Thanks for posting this. The drive would also emit a loud hissing noise while running. My G began to have some problems to start up as if the disk couldn’t start spinning, same symptoms you describe. I made a work around until LaCie sends me back new power packs.


The Big Disk Extreme also comes with a base that the drive sits on sideways, leaving plenty of room on your desk for your other gadgets.

Please enter all required fields. The only problem with this external drive is that it is setup in a RAID 0. LaCie External Hard Drive The Item is built to order.

Successfull “free” recovery Posted by Emrys Miller at Aug 09, I copied 5 Gigabytes of data in 2 minutes and 35 seconds. This means that the data is ‘striped’ across two GB drives for performance. Indeed a very informative forum.

LaCie Big Disk Extreme 1TB USB2/eSata prices

Whether the goal is super speed or complete. My LaCie G is starting to get startup problems. A while back, the power supply on my 1TB Lacie went poop. It was recognized with a message to initialize it.

Going to look into the Drobo. With a unique, heat-dissipating, compact design, it can be stacked, rack-mounted or stand upright on your desk.


If the drive was turned off, the hissing would go down 1th. So I thought, let’s see what the internets have to say about this. Today I didn’t manage to get the drive working. Thanks for the interweb.

Can’t thank everyone enough for all the info!! Hi Harry, i understand that you imaged 4 of them.

Item location see all. Nick Blackman is a computer geek turned Mac Nut. I’m going to replace the supply, but extreeme got me back to work for at least a few hours this evening.

LaCie Big Disk Extreme 1tb With Triple Interface 300797 in

Power supply arrived yesterday, and now my drive is fully functional and backed up to my Drobo!!! Power up and basic function test only.

You mean 1 Tb hard disk include two gb drives then how risk one affected platter destroy data of another platter.