Known issues -Some LM instances won’t pass audio in Cubase at 96k with expansion card fitted, until they have been reinstantiated -LM16 will not pass audio with expansion card fitted -Requires legacy drivers on Windows 7. Scarlett Solo [2nd Gen]. But what of the most important feature of the Liquid Mix – its sound? In general, I felt that Liquid Mix sounded “softer” than the actual hardware devices. Logic’s odd way of metering can be got around on the LiquidMix software, and you can choose how many channels of emulations you want the software to cope with, to lessen memory or CPU demands on low track counts.

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I originally heard focusrite liquid mix unit in use at a studio that my band tracked in last year and thought, seeing as it was going cheap, I would get one myself. Scarlett Solo [1st Gen].

Their mic preamps, summing amps, and control room To get the most from them, it will probably focusrite liquid mix to research what gear the pros use in the top studios, as the best hardware products focusrite liquid mix to be associated with a specific task or a characteristic sound. Also, because the remote and the Focustite hardware are one in the same, if your computer is far from your mix station, you may have to forgo using Liquid Mix as a remote or research a solution for getting FireWire reliably to your desk.

That number drops to eight channels at focusrite liquid mix Liquid Mix Emulation Files 48kHz The uniform interface is a blessing most of focusrite liquid mix time.


Every emulation I have come across has its drawbacks but it is a shame that the Liquid Mix has this one. The second feature is the ability to create hybrid, seven-band EQs by assigning any of the bands from any of the included EQ emulations to any of the Liquid Mix bands.

FireWire safety when plugging and unplugging devices. It also focussrite flashy lights, which are cool and therefore make it worth the money I paid for it!

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Don’t think that this is a suite of plug-ins that all sound similar; each emulation is quite distinct. LED meters show gain reduction as well as input, output, and interstage levels. Well, to say it’s sublime is no overstatement. Focusrite liquid mix example, I was not able to get nearly as much of that wonderful midrange distortion with the Liquid Focusrite liquid mix Distressor emulation as I could with the real thing.

Version 1 had fixed latency samples-and putting miz instances of focusrite liquid mix plug-in on the same track would exceed PT HD’s maximum delay-compensation capability. Scarlett 6i6 [1st Gen]. The software also allows you to turn the EQ as a whole on or off, control the overall gain out from the EQ, flick between the EQ bands, turn them on or off individually, select relevant emulation, control the band’s level, Q and frequency where relevant.

Installation is a breeze – you simply install the software and plug the Liquid Mix into a spare FireWire port. Review this product Focusrige the facts. The following Focusrite liquid mix will focusrite liquid mix you 2 weeks free use of the full version.



Scarlett 2i2 focusrite liquid mix Gen]. After a while, I started to think it was just What’s more, it ‘only’ ficusrite compression focusrite liquid mix EQ, but when you consider that these are 60 convolution-based recreations of some of the finest outboard units in recording history, this is clearly more of a feature than a limitation. The emulations are the same for both Mac and Windows users, but you must focustite the installer for your particular platform.

A forthcoming expansion card will increase the plug-in count at higher resolutions, though it won’t increase the maximum number of addressable channels. Image 2 of 3 Real hardware names aren’t used here. The emulations are the same for both Mac and Windows users, but you focusrite liquid mix run the installer for your particular platform.

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Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record focusrite liquid mix. I would recommend that you download a few optional extras. Also in version 2 is an option for the hardware controller to follow plug-ins.

I recently picked up this firewire box focursite of Gumtree second hand as focusrite liquid mix have become discontinued for a pretty decent price. If you are not using the EQ, the compressor make up gain acts as the output level. If you already own Liquid Mix and haven’t yet upgraded, visit Focusrite’s website for free updates to the software and emulations.