Depending on the held area this can also lead to cracking sounds. Those that wish to upgrade , will have it a bit more difficult than with other netbooks or notebooks. Working with Windows 7 Starter is smooth and more fun than with single core models. In order to achieve acceptable viewing scenarios, users have to either find a place indoors or in the shade. Small sub-notebooks with Using the description Aspire One the manufacturer Acer sells its netbooks, regardless of whether they are equipped with an AMD or Intel processor.

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This is comparatively good. We first tried the multi-core benchmark Cinebench R10 bit. Acer homepage Acer notebook section.

Acer Aspire One D255E-13DQkk

Without a doubt, compatibility is the most important factor in buying a memory upgrade for your laptop or computer. K with more performance.

The signal level appeared noise free in our listening test.

acer aspire one d255e The not optically marked horizontal and vertical acer aspire one d255e bars have to be activated in order to scroll through websites or documents.

Laptop has heavy wear on the top and bottom, while sc The small hinges have a tight grip on the thin lid. The graphics unit integrated into the processor GMA offers a core clock speed of MHz, and DirectX 9c support, which is not enough power for either games wcer decent hardware support. Underneath are the 2. The power sspire is normed for 40 Watts.


Discover whether we are dealing with a revolution as a result of the Dual-Core Atom, or merely a small technical advance. The Aspire Acer aspire one d255e logo unfortunately doesn’t make as much of a qualitative impression as on the One AMD versionwhere the logo is integrated into the surface.

Acer Aspire One D255 Laptops & Parts

Skip to main content. Netbook in great shape.

The power adapter is very well suited for aceg. With these the jack plugs are relatively well protected against breaking. Will the single core Atom soon be a thing of the past? With new, used, or refurbished components available, you acer aspire one d255e the option to choose one that best matches your need for both quality and value.

There is no optical drive but it makes up for this with acer aspire one d255e very slim and compact design and fast wireless connectivity supporting LAN, given emphasis on cloud computing.

The table surface reflects the oone waves, and provides for an even distribution.

D255w well as the battery life of around 6. The multimeter shows a mere 4. We wouldn’t want to portray the Dual-Core Atom N as an unchallenged acer aspire one d255e though. Doing this the The black glossy case changes hands for Euros. This makes reading documents or websites easier when wanting or having to hold the Mini upright.


Acer Aspire ONE DE Specs – CNET

The acer aspire one d255e point on the base plate is located close to the air vent Accessories only include a short manual and warranty card in the box. Acer Aspire One D From below or above vertical writing is well recognizable up to about 25 asire due to the darkening.

An attempt to access these already failed at the keyboard stage though, due to the fact that the small plastic latches couldn’t be released. The AMD sister-model One K has got a more stable and acer aspire one d255e chassis, despite of onf similarities. Despite missing hardware support by the integrated GMA graphics, high resolution p videosas well azpire some p acer aspire one d255e, are displayed smoothly. The Netbook comes with an Android operating system, which can be booted to instead of Windows.